Irregularlies #229

I wanted to try doing my morning routine wihout a stream again. It's been a long time since I've done it alone.  I didn't see any difference in productivity, so I'll go back to streaming it regularily.

Today's haul:

Page #8 is almost done. Needs some shadows, blicks and various details.

Turns out I enjoy working on this comic if I finish a page quickly. Streching one page over a month is torture. I am bored of it even before I start inking and the rest of the work becomes tedious.

Also, some simple clothing studies:


  1. Looking forward to seeing it as a whole.


  2. This comic is turning out great, but are we going to get to see Elie's sweet rack soon? If not it'll be a major bummer cause it sure looks like she's got some amazing sweater puppies!!