Irregularlies #231

Page #9 inks in progress:

And some legbutt studies!

Yesterday I didn't stream my study time because I needed to be 100% focused. I decided to finally, once for all, learn the leg muscless. I made this along the way.

It's a simpification of the muscle masses in legs. It's pretty inacurate but it helps me to keep track of them. I wasn't sure if I should post it here, but I decided, that even if it's not 100% accurate it still might help somebody. 


  1. Wonderful work ... Beautiful story...

    It is unfortunate that the two images on the left are not a whole.
    The lag is annoying

    1. Dear gods you're right. Somethin' needs doin' about that.

  2. that is sooo hot, dam I wish I was him for just one day... *sigh* ^_^

  3. All of your studies are very helpful - thank you. They may not be 100% accurate but it's hard to begin simplifying, looking at an anatomy book with no formal training.