Commission Slots

Aaand here are my next 5 commissions!

1.Punk Gangbang
Three lovely punk ladies being banged by dicks of various colours

2.Mindfuck 2: Electric boogalo
Ariela is getting it again. 

3.Rainbow Party
A Harry Potter pic containing one futa(Tonks), two eager girls (Hermione and Fleur) and a lot of lipstick marks.

4.Multicultural orgy
Four traps from around the world united in one picture. So progressive

5.Scylla's room  
Two scientists having fun with this fine monster lady

I am really surprised by how not gay this list turned out to be. 


  1. Looking forward to the 4th one especially ;3 But I'm really curious to see how your Hermione turns out too!

  2. Sounds like a full plate! Can't wait to see 'em and enjoy the cash.


  3. Glad you are back to doing the female form. Your stuff on prism girls is some of my favorite.

  4. I am most excited for the harry potter one. But they all sound cool.

  5. good sir if you are free as in "free" would you consider doing a "Shezow" commission, it is a real cartoon but a really enjoyable one that you yourself would love to watch, its about a boy name Guy Hamdom who accidentally wears his aunt's ring which turned him into a super hero however the clothing is indeed female but inside his just a boy wearing a silly costume :D

  6. I admit, I'm excited for the Harry Potter pick.

    One of these day I will hopefully notice when your commissions are open ^_^;;

  7. Hi, would you kindly consider stopping calling people 'futa' and 'trap'? It's really offensive for real people with bodies like this. I understand if you don't but thanks anyway.

    1. I'll assume you're not trolling and answer you honestly. Even if you are, I think the question is legit and deserves an answer anyway.

      What I draw is an oversexualised fantasy that has little to do with reality. If I called my characters 'transsexuals' or 'MtF' or whatever the propper terms are in real life, that would be wrong IMO. I feel that what I draw really does not show the reality of what it means to have gender dysmorphia etc. so I use different terms to differentiate between porn and reality. Out of respect for 'real people with bodies like this'.

      And a lot of crossdressers call themselves traps. I really don't think that's a problem if I do it too.

      With all that being said I do not give a flying fuck if you or anybody else, are offended by anything I do. I really don't. Whaver terms I choose to use is my business. If you don't like them you don't have to read them.