-Bammes eyes
-Studies from photos. Trying to get my construction straight.


  1. you are probably the only "erotic style" artist I follow that does such amazing anatomy study. great work.

  2. Dear Sir and or Madam and or etc.
    I've unknowingly been appreciating your artwork for some time and now that I've found your roost I'd like to formally thank you for it. So there.
    Not only do I appreciate how sexually diverse your expression is from my own pansexual perspective, but your figure forms impress me enormously. I'm often afraid to refer to myself as an artist, terrified that my low output and imperfect technique will inevitably brand me a poor one on close inspection. Your artwork and rigorous industry help to inspire me to reverse that opinion of myself, and again I thank you.
    On the topic of your artwork itself, I am immensely gratified to see that you seem to prefer happy subjects. Such art is so much more enjoyable to me if I perceive honest enjoyment expressed through it.

    Because I can't say it enough, I'll satisfy myself with once more: Thank you!

    If you're really curious, a smattering and never updated degree of my work can be found here, for wont of a more respectable home: http://robjordan.deviantart.com/gallery/