Irregularlies #233

Looks like I forgot to do the regular blog posts over the last 2 weeks!

I haven't been slacking off. In fact I have been doing a lot of in depth (ish) anatomy studies (very ish). Mostly refreshing, and strenghtening my knowledge of muscles and bones, as well as facial features. I finally figured out the dreaded forearms... Kinda.

Usualy when I try to study muscles and bones I just copy photos. This time I sat down with anatomy books and tried hammering into my stupid head some actual knowledge. I tried colour coding the muscle groups to help myself understand what's going on there better. It turs out to be a great learning method. At least for me. 

These breakdowns are really, really innacurate so don't take them so seriously. I am posting them just to show what I've been doing. If you want to learn muscles do your own breakdowns. It's really hard and intimidating but it helps you internalise this knowledge really quickly.

Here are the photo studies:

I think I made a nice bit of progress in the last 2 weeks.


  1. If you don't stop improving I'm going to start thinking you've become a photographer instead of an artist.

    Somehow I now want to see a whole human without skin; them uncovered nude muscles^^.

    Also; kind of reminds me of the titans in Shingeki no Kyojin :P

  2. Your breakdowns aren't that inaccurate, it actually looks you went the extra distance and color coded each individual muscle, and I think I would know if it was incorrect, seeing as I am studying physiotherapy, and other related fields, in which I need to know almost all of the muscles.