Irregularlies #235

I won't be livestreaming my studies anymore. Doing them on stream is more fun, but I can't focus properly. 

Move stills studies! Try guessing what movies are these. You might get the first one, but there is no way in hell you're gonna guess 2nd and 3rd

First one is Harry Potter (not sure which one)
Second and third are from 102 dalmatians

What (I think) these teach me:
-Picking colours


  1. So that means no more streams? *a multitude of streamers whimper*

  2. Awwwww don't worry Endy sounds like he's just talking about the studies.
    He can't better himself if we keep distracting him with our randomness. We post some strange shit in chat sometimes. :P

  3. Second and third stills are from 102 Dalmatians, do I win a prize?

  4. First one: "come, children, time to shop for school supplies"...

    And you're right; I'm coming up blank on the last two (my excuse: I don't watch as many movies as I'd like).

  5. I want to say number 3 is A Dangerous Method but I'm pretty sure I'm totally wrong.

  6. Yeah, first one does pretty much look like one of the early Harry Potter movies... but then again it might just be me, since I've been watching all of the movies during the last few days, I just keep seeing them everywhere :D

  7. harry potter, shutter island, iron sky! :DD ... any of em right? XD

  8. Well first one's obviously from a Harry Potter movie. Second one might be from Richie Rich. No idea where the third one's from.

  9. I don't know the first, but the second is without question a David Suchet Poirot movie. The last one makes me think of the lady from Cold Case.