I need a title for these weekly things #3

This week could have gone better.


After a week of not drawing (first time in years for me), I wanted to do something light to get back into the grind. I did a lot of quick studies of heads from the "Tangled" movie. I tried learning how to draw more expressive faces, since I feel that's been lacking from my art. Warning: most of them look goofy as fuck:

I really learned a lot doing these. I never really did a lot of copying of other artists. It always felt like cheating to me, but now I think I was missing out on a lot. 

More studies from  other artists drawings:

I need to do more of these. They are really helping me out


fter doing muh Tangled head studies I decided to do some more work on the face designs for the characters. I tried to make them look more interesting. Also I did some quick sketches for their outfits and body types.

I think I am pretty happy with their looks right now. Now I just need to finish the script for the first story and I can start drawing it. 


  1. InCase, I could only picture you working at future Disney...that would be so awesome, a little awkward but still awesome. Liking the character designs for your comic, very excite for that.

    1. "A little awkward, but still awesome."

      Hahaha! - Made my day

  2. Also; possible title names for your new schedule could be one of the following...
    - Weekend Update (if you plan on keeping with a weekend schedule)
    - Stuph (the ph makes it cool)
    - Intermittents (not an actual word but these updates are intermittent)
    - Irregularlies (it's classic and still applies)
    - End Week Dump (¯\(°_o)/¯ titles never were my strong suite)

  3. Oooh~ The two new characters are looking great.

  4. >InCase doing 34 of Tangled
    Oh god, mah dick.

  5. Those Tangled sketches are actually some really nice studies, and the expressions on your OCs are looking very nice, too. If this is where your week off got you, I'm certainly not gonna complain.

    Though I think you do owe us some Tangled 34 now. I vote trans Rapunzel domming Flynn.

  6. Hnnngh;... Rapunzel studies!

    The bunch of hands on the top end of the sheet; are they from JAB-Comix or the Movie:''The Iron Giant'' or something. I hate that drawing-style. Makes everything seem rushed :S

    I like her best with glasses on.
    The trap looks awesome. I'm liking the innocent look.

  7. Glad to see that you're back! Been checking up on this blog every two days. I missed the irregularities (helped me with my own anatomy). Anyway, hope you're feeling better and glad to see some content.

  8. that' s the common style from actual US , focus on facial expressions , eyes and mouth become more and more wider , like the french "poulbot" style (exageration of proportions , big face , big hands and feet )

    which is probably going to its own end

    take a look on the supporting characters from the last film "Brave" , it's close to absurd.

    caricature is fun , its easier than more realistic style ..., and you dont have to think of what the character say, it's take all the screen, you can't miss that...

    not sure if its a good idea to choose that way for pornographic issue

    talking about JAB , that's probably the questionably legal subject he use that is the cause of his succes (and because he softened this story by the cartoonish and humoristic style)

    blah , maybe i think too much.

  9. Wow, this post is awesome! I really like characters from tangled. If only I had monies to commision stuff... it'd probably be Rapunzel making out with her short-haired version from the end of the movie. I should get a job.

  10. Oh wow, dat trap!

    Seriously looking forward to the comic now, those faces are wonderful stuff.

  11. Oh good to see you back and study hard ;] cant wait for resutls!

  12. ive been trying to commission u for over a year now, how can i make this happen???

  13. Copying is more a form of appreciation instead of cheating.

  14. If any of you have check. InCase is not taking Commisions at the moment since he is crammed and also moving around is no fun either.

    Let him be for a while, his skill has been enhance from 8 years back.

    @ Incase - You seen or spoken to Dmitry on HF any more, or is he gone full commercial? Idk I used get a conversation out him but now nada.

  15. OMG!! Futa-Rapunzel!!! I'd pay to see you do that!