Weekly update #5

Hi guys! Guess who caught another fucking disease this week! But instead of shitting and vomiting I got to caugh, ooze copious amounts of mucus from my nose and rest in bed, so it wasn't that bad in context. But I am all right now and ready to get back to work full t- wh- oh the holidays? Oh yeah, that's happening next week, I forgot.

So, another unproductive week ahead of me, huh?

But, getting back to this dissapointment:


Some more Sai painting. Now I am really itching to try this out without a reference.


Yeah, motherfuckers! It's a Christmass miracle (it's 24th here alredy)! I got this shit started!

I am going try to update it every day, like the previous comic. And since I am doing that I'll probably also include the studies I did that day. So I guess dailies are back on? What?