Weekend update #4

Yep, this title will do for now. 

This week was pretty good. I put in a lot of work into overdue commissions. I am sitting on 4 pretty much done images that are waiting for either, some final touches, or my day in the Pantboy's cuhrazy christmass project.


Aaaw shit! More wonky copies of better artists drawings! Whoopieee.

From the top:
-Some skulls!
-Adam Hughes
-Matteo de Longis (love that dude's style)
-That guy what does that BDSM comic, about that school teacher

Practicing realistic skintones as well as using the watercolour brush in SAI. That shit is so good

This week I realised how bad I am at copying photos and drawings. I don't have the patience to get it 100% right.


NOTHING. I haven't touched it. I'll try to finish up the script and start drawing it next week. Try.


  1. great job
    Excuse me, it has nothing to see but I sent several emails and you do not answer me, you received them?

  2. Dear god those digital portraits are incredible. Could you possibly record your painting progress? That would be awesome!

  3. When the drawings are better than the real life photographs; you know that you are awesome^^

  4. 1st painting notes:
    missing shine on but cheek/line on knee/dark lines at left light side/missing foot under leg.

  5. What BDSM comic with the school teacher? :O

    Also, f*cking great job as usual, mate. Cheers! And please, finnish that Korra picture soon ;_;

  6. That short haired brunette would look even better sporting a cock.