Irregularlies #160

These turned out shitty. I screwed up the guy so much in the beggining that I just gave up halfway through. I have a really hard time focusing on the drawing lately. I go into autopilot mode too often, and end up not drawing what I see, but a similiar character in my own style. That's a really bad thing to do.

As for the comic:

I started inking #1. I'll get back to sketching #2 (and starting #3), after I am done with this one.


  1. Aaaawww... you took out her glasses completely. I thought that made her really hot! Good work by the way!

  2. You know you've done something right when your portrait is prettier than the original one^^

    The comic looks really promising.
    How many pages have you planned to draw in total?

  3. you fail at doing exactly the same as the picture ... because the girl portrait is ... better than the original ! ...