Looks like it's, the Irregularlies #157

Sum very quick and shitty studies. Not a lot of time for this today. 

And the comic of course:

Trying out how the speech bubbles would look.

I'll be doing the pages in pairs. Should be easier to keep from burning out this way. If I am tired of a page, I can work on the other one for a while.

I am surprised how fast I am drawing these pages. Each one took me, maybe 40-50 minutes so far. After I add the faces, and do some more work on hands I can pretty much start inking.


  1. J'aimerai bien savoir dessiner comme vous

  2. Comic previews look veeery good. :D

  3. Maybe angle the sharpie so that it doesn't look like a P?

  4. Hehehe, F...for fuck yeah. Good to see the irregularlies back, but don't burn yourself out man. Just remember to have fun doing this, don't make it a chore.

  5. Sam is tall as shit.AND ADORABLE.He's like a golden retriever...if he was a dog.